Credit Disputer Training System

Do you really need a better Credit Score? Would you like to learn how-to audit your own personal consumer credit report or provide this expertise as a service business for others to improve their personal credit scores?

Everyone could use Good Credit and learning these simple easy techniques can help you spot information found on credit reports to challenge negative information to be removed entirely.

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BAD Credit...

Over 56% of consumers in the U.S. population are all living with Bad Credit. Having bad credit is damaging to lifestyle and financial happiness. Consumers with bad credit are unable to get the best interest rates and with low credit scores...They are only able to possibly obtain credit through sub-prime lending at much higher rates than offered to those with Good Credit. When consumers have bad credit, this will prevent them from being able to take advantage of the best or average interest rates to borrow money. Making it virtually impossible to live a very financially healthy and happy lifestyle because of the stress from financial instability.

Good news, Bad Credit is fixable! Just by identifying enforceable security interest, improper misrepresentation and poor documentation in credit report files.

These are the top secrets used by attorneys, credit repair companies, and financial resolution services. 

When creditors inaccurately report information, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant this information is being reported inaccurately. There are strict rules and regulations that prohibit creditors, credit reporting agencies, and collection companies from reporting inaccurate information. In the Professional Credit Audit Training learn skills and methods to dispute negative information on credit reports. Through this financial breakthrough action plan start using rules and regulations best practices to remove negative information from credit reports.

Discover The Credit Disputer System

Spot inaccurate information and learn necessary resources to dispute inaccurate information to remove negative data entirely. This is vastly different than simply disputing an debt does not belong to a consumer for validation of debt. The dates of default are very significant when reporting consumer debt and especially when it comes to collections. Many consumer credit reports contain collection accounts that can be removed entirely for violations of rules and regulations when disputed properly, using the right statute violations.
Inside The Credit Disputer Training System you will learn the following skills and techniques:

  • Step-by-Step instructions for rules and regulations best practices to remove negative information from credit reports.
  • Complete overview of dispute process, dispute requirements, and dispute time-frame training method.
  • Initiation process for conducting credit auditing setup.
  • How-to spot items to dispute on credit reports.
  • Overview of significant items furnished to credit reporting agencies.
  • Best methods for calculating delinquency dates for dispute.
  • Review of negative information time-frame rules and regulations.
  • Powerful instructional “Sample Forms” with statute violations to dispute public records, collections, repossessions, foreclosures, etc.
  • Bonus: 90 Days FREE Email Support!!
  • Extra Value Bonus: Receive updates ongoing for current statutes and rules. *Only if you request a refund this service will be automatically cancelled.    

Fix Credit Problems

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